The Pros and Cons of being in a Community

The Pros and Cons of being in a Community:

The pros and cons of being in a community is pretty complicated. Lets talk about pros first. As an individual in a community you get to meet new people and get to be who you want as a person. You treat each other well, such as the other people in your community and have other people from different countries diversity.

Another pro into being in a community is also helping each other out. You can depend on other people in case of worry or trouble. For example in my school, as a community our job is to help each other out. Mostly importantly, everyone has to be comfortable.

The cons of being in a community is sometimes you don’t often get accepted for who you really are. Sometimes or even often as I notice people have to change to be accepted in a community for them to be like the others.

It often happen as teenagers in the case where, they want to be cool as there friends but it cant really happen unless they change who they are as a person. I don’t find that right because people should be accepted for who they want to be as a person and not what others want them to be.

A community does have something in common where people actually go along with each other. Not all  communities are perfect, but everybody has to put in the work to be happy community. So here were the pros and cons to being a community that I think matters mostly, and is most seen; since it has been experienced and seen.

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  1. Kemi,
    This is a great post about community. You have used paragraphs, included images with attribution, but where is that link to another webpage so your readers can find out more about community.

    • Hi Ms.W,

      How are you?

      I’ll make sure to have webpages for you by tonight on my post.

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