Game 2

Today for Game 2 I had to visit to flip boards magazines that led me to 2 peoples Edublogs post. One of the post was about junk food and health conditions. That post was really interesting because it talked about her as her personal life towards junk food. It showed me a different perspective to think about my health conditions. She had a really good paragraph about health and heart/diabetes problems and I recommend people to go have a look at it. She included sites for those who are going to be interested into being healthier and learning more about junk food side affects. — This is her site for further information

The second blog post I read was about earthquakes and safety. It showed how earth quakes happened and how to protect yourself from them. She added nice visuals of the process happening which was a good idea for the reader to understand. — For further information this is the site.

The third post , I looked at was one that had poems. It was really creative and out of the box. Shes actually a really good writer and have such a talent to write poems. — To see those poems , look at them.

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