Lassa Fever Reflection /GH

  Our Genius Hour presentation was about the Lassa Fever. The Lassa Fever, also known as LHF or the bleeding fever, is a viral hemorrhagic illness that occurs mostly in West Africa. It mostly affected Nigeria during the 1960’s which resulted in 273 cases and 149 deaths in Nigeria. Next, the Lassa virus is even […]


2 Compfight Images   Craig Sunter via Compfight Giuseppe Milo via Compfight 2 MLA Citation   Stern, Michael. “Wall_Food_10051, 2014.” Flickr, 20 January 2017,   Sergio,St O. “Bucharest under snow, 2017.” Flickr, 20 January 2017,

Part 3 Twitter connect

Part 3 Summary–Genius Hour Project– Lassa Fever Here is the list as we would call it on twitter of the 10 people I follow that have related topics with mine. I am studying with my partner Fatima, the Lassa Fever. Those 10 twitter accounts are all doctors, professors and not only governments that have studied […]

Game 2

Today for Game 2 I had to visit to flip boards magazines that led me to 2 peoples Edublogs post. One of the post was about junk food and health conditions. That post was really interesting because it talked about her as her personal life towards junk food. It showed me a different perspective to […]

Knocked Out

I have the strongest fear for baseball bats. When i was in middle school, i got hit by a baseball bat. Now I never wanna be playing a sport that has to do with softballs or baseball. I got knocked out for 2 minutes on the ground and I did not even know what happened […]

Part 2 of the Story

on the night of Halloween, 2 sisters got lost in the forest to get food for their parents that did not really live that far. One of the sisters got lost halfway and the other just walked on thinking the other was with her. When the sister notices that her twin got lost, she notices […]